Iron Man 3 Leftovers: An Alternate Ending and A Featurette About The Air Force One Jump


Were you happy with the ending to Iron Man 3?  From where I’m typing, it seems like the internet consensus is pretty divided.  There are those audience members who didn’t pay it much lip service, and then there are others who are baffled by its flamboyance.

So, what if the film had ended a different way?  A few months ago we posted about film’s storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro, who revealed some animated storyboards for the “Attack Chopper / Mansion” sequence.  It was really fun to watch, but the finished product didn’t differ much from the animatic.  Just goes to show you much planning goes into these massive action set pieces.

But now, D’Alessandro has unveiled some new animatics, each offers an alternate version of each set piece that made it to the final cut.  The first reveals The Mandarin’s fate; the second sets up Tony and Rhodey’s dash across the rigs; and the third documents Tony’s battle with Killian.

Trevor / The Mandarin Injects Himself With Extremis

Tony & Rhodey Escape

Tony Fights Killian

Air Force One Jump

Now, I think we can all agree that while the ending had its flaws, the Air Force One Jump sequence was damn near flawless.  It was an incredible feat of filmmaking that actually had me gripping the armrests of my seat in the IMAX theatre.   Kudos to all those involved, from Shane Black’s direction right down to the Red Bull Skydiving Team and their coordinators who were so eager to pull this action sequence off as practically as possible.

Sources: io9 & IGN

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