If ‘This Is The End’ Receives Enough Likes On Facebook, The Cast Will Do Weird Things To Each Other



Seth Rogen’s directorial debut, This Is The End, opens in a month on June 12th.  In an odd but original twist to the film’s marketing campaign, Rogen and friends aim to gain a little traction amongst audiences by doing strange things to each other you Like their Facebook page enough.

It’s not like this film needs help to appeal to audiences.  It’s easily one of the hottest comedies coming out this summer, and looks like another solid entry to the ‘apocalypticomedy’ subgenre.  Starring almost every actor who’s appeared with Rogen and other Judd Apatow alums, the story follows six friends (playing themselves), whom are trapped in James Franco’s house when the end of the world hits L.A.  When supplies become scarce, their friendships are threatened as they must do what they have to do to survive.

Here are the “rules” set up by Rogen and co.:

If the film’s Facebook page gets…

  • 500,000 Likes = Danny McBride will wax Rogen’s back
  • 650.000 Likes = Jay Baruchel and McBride will share a strand of spaghetti (a la Lady and The Tramp)
  • 800,000 Likes = Rogen will paint James Franco in the nude (I assume Franco will be the naked one, but I’m sure there will be a cruel twist here and they will both be in their birthday suits).

So, head on over to their Facebook page and start likin’.  Looks like Jonah Hill got lucky.

Source: Latino Review


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