Honest Trailers Presents: Iron Man 2



Iron Man 2 was a disappointment.  It was one of the first films that caused me to be more cautious as a movie-goer.  I realized, after sulking out of the screening back in 2010, that it might be time to start lowering my expectations if all my favourite superheroes were going to be adapted into feature films.  You can’t win ‘em all, as they say. The first Iron Man was so grounded and fun, it seemed possible for Favreau & co. to pull it off a second time.  Instead, we got a film that was high on itself, trying to capitalize on the boom, bang and buck.  My hope is that Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel have learned their lesson.  I’ll find out tonight at Iron Man 3.

Like always, Screen Junkies hit the nail on the head.  They put into words everything that frustrated me about the sequel.  I too was one of those fans who convinced themselves it was a good movie just because Iron Man was in it.  That denial, however, was short-lived.

Source: Screen Junkies


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