Honest Trailers Presents: Independence Day



Since director Roland Emmerich is currently on a press tour promoting White House Down, he’s felt entitled to talk a little about the long-gestating sequel to his summer blockbuster of 1996.  That’s right kids, there’s an Independence Day 2 AND 3 in the works.  Truth be told, these sequels have been on the minds of studio executives since that fateful summer, though actual production has failed to be green lit.

So, do we finally have some answers as to what fifteen years of brainstorming has produced? Here’s what Emmerich had to say to EW recently about whether a sequel would occur immediately after the events of the first film or twenty years later:

“The humans knew that one day the aliens would come back. And they know that the only way you can really travel in space is through wormholes. So for the aliens, it could take two or three weeks, but for us that’s 20 or 25 years.”

“It’s a changed world. It’s like parallel history. [Humans] have harnessed all this alien technology. We don’t know how to duplicate it because it’s organically-grown technology, but we know how to take an antigravity device and put it in a human airplane.”

So, in honour of the announcement that these films are actually going to be released, starting in July of 2015 (without Will Smith, I might add), Screen Junkies has prepared an Honest Trailers segment for the original film.

Source: Screen Junkies


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