HBO Teases the New Seasons of Girls & Eastbound & Down With Two TV Spots



HBO released two new teasers for their other hit shows Girls and Eastbound and Down during the breaks between their [...hit shows...] True Blood and The Newsroom.  I know we make a  big deal about the Netflix model being the future of television, but HBO still has a strong hold on high quality television that audiences are still willing to pay premium prices to watch.  It won’t be long until these two shows return, and you’re back to your Sunday night routines.

The teaser for Girls doesn’t actually show any new footage at all.  Instead, it is effectively an Instagram slideshow of candid behind-the-scenes images.   Like you needed proof that HBO had green lit the series.  It returns to TV sometime in 2014.

Danny McBride and co. return on September 29th for the fourth and final season of Eastbound and Down.  Personally, I can’t wait to see McBride back in character and how they’ll take the character forward (or backward) following the end of season three.

Source: Collider


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