Hal-Con 2013 Review & Massive Photo Gallery



I got there around 11:30 AM.  Day Two of Hal-Con certainly caused some controversy.  Logistical issues and an unexpected surge of attendees caused local media to pick up the big story.  Lessons were learned today.

The volunteers had been tasked with tall orders: crowd control, ambassadorship, tour guides, game hosts, etc.  They handled it all with very cool heads. While the day’s been overshadowed by bad press, I still felt a sense of excitement that Hal-Con had grown so exponentially.

2013 just happened to be the year demand vs. venue vs. planning went supernova. I really hope it doesn’t hurt this convention’s reputation, because you could tell all hands were on deck.   The organizers worked really hard to give everyone what they wanted and deserved.

For the time that I was lucky enough to be inside, it was incredible.  It was a day of collective A-games.  Cons are all about the fans and they were everywhere.  My first two photos were of two cheery guys dressed as Dr. Horrible and Mal Reynolds who, like just about everyone there, were happy to let me take their picture.  “Whedon For The Win,” one of them said.  I felt at home with these guys.

Being that it was my first Hal-Con (and frankly, first Con ever), I had a blast exploring the three floors of vendors, artists, authors, cosplayers, exhibits and gamers.  The atmosphere was electric, and I had a hard time reminding myself that I was there to take pictures.

Enjoy our gallery of images below.  Hopefully it will make you look past the bad press Hal-Con received today.  While it’s really horrible that many hundreds of people didn’t get in, everyone involved should be proud of the work that went into this event.  Hal-Con isn’t just one day, it’s a spectacle that spans a entire long weekend.

Hal-Con For The Win.

(Thanks to all those who posed for me today.  You guys rocked! If your picture didn’t make it up to the site, I’m sorry.  The reason speaks to how unreliable of a photographer I am, not to any quality level of your costume.  See you next year.)



  1. That’s me, in all my Eversor Assassin, butt-scratching glory. The costume will be improved next year, if I don’t switch to the Vindicare temple.

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