Grown Ups 2 Featurette: Is Bigger Gonna Be Better?



You should see this movie because… CG reindeer are where it’s at.

Grown Ups 2 may steer this franchise into the direction to become The Expendables of comedy movies. This sequel to the hit family film starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Salma Hayek aims to go bigger.  According to this featurette, they’ve packed so many SNL alums into ninety minutes that it might set a record.

Grown Ups 2 is directed by Sandler regular Dennis Dugan and is written by Fred Wolf, Tim Herlihy and Sandler.  This time around, they’ll be joined by the likes of Nick Swardson, Colin Quinn, Tim Meadows, Jon Lovitz, Shaq, Steve Austin, Milo Ventimiglia and more.  It’s scheduled for a July 12th release.

While this featurette is more promotional than behind-the-scenes, you’ll still find out how this film will be bigger than the first.  Will it be better? Well, let’s just say it wouldn’t have to try hard to be funnier…

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