‘Games of Thrones’ Characters Reimagined As The Cast Of Mad Men, Seinfeld and Arrested Development


Illustrator Kyle Hilton was commissioned by Vulture to re-imagine characters from HBO’s Game of Thrones as cast members from three other critically acclaimed shows.


That’s Varys as Tobias, Jamie as Gob, Cersei as Lindsay, Tywin as George Sr., Tyrion as Michael, Catelyn as Lucille, Joffrey as George Michael, Littlefinger as Buster, and Sansa as Maeby.

a_560x0 (1)

That’s Brienne as Joan, Jeor Mormont as Bert, Tyrion as Roger, Cersei as Betty, Samwell as Harry, Arya as Sally, Joffrey as Pete, Robb as Don, and Daenerys as Peggy.a_560x0 (2)

That’s the Hound as Kramer, Samwell as George, Daenerys as Elaine, and Tyrion as Jerry.


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