Forty-Four Minutes of Woody Allen Stammering, As Only He Does


If you’ve never seen a Woody Allen movie starring… erm, Woody Allen… then this supercut might seem a little offensive.  That is, you might think the video’s author is supercutting Allen’s stutter to poke fun at a speech impediment.

This just ain’t true.

Woody Allen has been stammering for his entire Hollywood career.  It’s part of his comedy, and stems from the thoughts that zap through his brain at speeds so fast, that his nerves start ringing and even he has trouble finding the right words.  You might say it’s Woody Allen’s shtick.  Others would say the shtick is Woody Allen.

So, if you have nothing else to do that requires 97% of your mental capacity this morning, watch this forty-four minute supercut.  If you have seen plenty of his films, this supercut may get on your nerves.

source: The AV Club


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