Five Behind-The-Scenes Clips from Star Trek Into Darkness With Everyone Having A Great Time



Say what you will about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, but it still has my vote for being one of the most satisfying films of the summer.  In my opinion, it matched the hype, which is a very hard thing to accomplish given both the combined forces of Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures.  Yes, it may have been a remake of Stark Trek II, but whatever, man.  They still entertained me.

Given the scope of the film and all the mystery during its promotional campaign, you’d think that the set would just be a big mess of nerves and anxiety.  When you watch these five behind-the-scenes clips, it’s a surprise to see everyone having such a good time.  I guess that’s what good chemistry, a strong leader and a passionate crew will get you.

In these clips, you’ll be wowed by some of the practical effects and even have your heart warmed by the candid comments made by Zachary Quinto about his friendship with Leonard Nimoy.

Source: CBM


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