First Trailer for ‘White House Down’ Starring Channing Tatum & Jamie Foxx



While on a tour of the White House with his young daughter, a police officer (Channing Tatum) springs into action to protect his child and the president (Jamie Foxx) from a heavily armed group of paramilitary invaders, led by Stenz (Jason Clarke).

Well, Sony & Columbia aren’t wasting any time! It’s only been a week since the other White House action film Olympus Has Fallen hit theatres.  Which one will be better? We’ll have to wait until June 28th to find out.

This film is directed by doomsday expert Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day), who’s captaining a script by James Vanderbilt.  The screenplay was one of the biggest spec script sales in a number of years, having been purchased by Sony for a whopping $3 million.  According to various sources, Vanderbilt was influenced by Die Hard and Air Force One – can’t say that either of these are terrible thematic inspirations, so as long as Emmerich focuses on the action, I think we’ll have a winner.

The film stars Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Jason Clarke, Richard Jenkins, and Lance Reddick.


source: First Showing


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