First Stills And Poster From Homefront Starring James Franco & Jason Statham



Jason Statham will be sharing the big screen with James Franco in Homefront.  The film is directed by Gary Fleder (Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead) and written by none other than Sylvester Stallone, adapted from a novel by Chuck Hogan.  Seems like Sly and Statham will continue their working relationship outside of The Expendables franchise.  This will mark the fourth time in three years that the two have been involved in the same project.  Open Road Films has released a poster and new images.

So, the story is pretty straight-forward:  Statham plays a former DEA agent who returns to his home town only to get hassled by a drug kingpin, James Franco, who crosses his path.  Walking Tall, anyone? These types of films are always familiar and formulaic, but if handled well, can still be memorable.  My Walking Tall example still stands.

And if you’re worried about taking Franco seriously as the film’s villain, according to Statham, he brought his A-game to this B-movie fun fest: He brought an interesting slice to the bad guy role. He’s a great actor and didn’t go down the usual path of being a ‘scary’ villain. He has the ability to bring out the quirkiness and eerie side to this character.”

The film also stars Kate Bosworth, Vincent D’Onofrio, Mischa Barton, Rachelle Lefevre Frank Grillo, Winona Ryder and Clancy Brown.  Homefront opens November 27th.  Check out the poster and official images below.

[A trailer for the film will likely debut in the next couple of days.]






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