First Look at Rutger Hauer in ‘True Blood’



Don’t be scared by the hair. I’m pretty sure that the producers of True Blood could make up crazier characters than this and somehow grow True Blood’s fan base to impossible numbers.

Not much is really known about Rutger Hauer’s recurring role that will be featured in the upcoming season, which premieres in June.  The only details that have been officially released are his associations to both Sookie and Jason Stackhouse as well as his name: Macklyn (which I’ve had to correct three times now because I keep thinking Macklemore).

I’m sure that Phil Spector would approve of the Tesla Coil ‘do.  What do you think? Are you going to be watching the new season?

Rutger Hauer guest stars on the set of True Blood along side full time True Blood star Ryan Kwanten in Los Angeles

source: Blastr


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