First Look at ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV Pilot With Eddie Murphy & Brandon T. Jackson!



Looks like the defeated fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie is finally getting off the ground… on TV.  CBS’s new show is currently being filmed in southern California; its premiere is aimed at next pilot season!

The show is set in present day, and follows Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) and his son (Brandon T. Jackson, Tropic Thunder), Aaron.  Aaron is desperately trying get out from under the shadow of his father’s legacy.

For all you Eddie Murphy fans out there, beware: don’t get your hopes up.  He may reprise his role occasionally, but he will not be regular on the show.  This will not be Murphy’s grandiose return to the comedy for which we know and love him. This is all about setting Jackson up for success within an established franchise.  I’m not suggesting this is a bad thing, but this Beverly Hills Cop show could be misconstrued as a vehicle for Murphy, not Jackson.

Check out these new set photos as cameras roll in sunny SoCal.

What do you think about this franchise continuing on the small screen?




source: /Film 


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