First Image From I, Frankenstein Featuring Ripped & Stitched Aaron Eckhart



Get ready for some more post-modern gothic action, courtesy the producers of Underworld.

Aaron Eckhart stars in I, Frankenstein, the film adaptation of the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, who also happens to the be the original co-creator of the Underworld franchise.  Stuart Beattie (G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Pirates of the Caribbean) is writing / directing this story, which is aiming at a converted 3D release on January 24th, 2014.

I really like Eckhart as an actor, but he’s been choosing many nondescript roles since his stand-out performance as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.  The guy has all the classic Hollywood charm one could hope to be born with, so I’m always a little disappointed when it’s revealed he’ll be starring in yet another generic, manufactured flick.  But, you know what, his movies are always capable of making money.

Opinions aside, I, Frankenstein, follows the story of “Adam”, who’s been stitched together from some [clearly over-muscly]body parts and retained genetics that make him kinda immortal.  The film picks up in modern times, when he’s caught between two clans that’ve been battling for centuries.  Sound familiar, Underworld fans?

Besides the picture above, we’ve got the first motion-poster for the film…


Source: CinemaBlend


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