First Clip From World War Z: Brad Pitt Is A Dedicated Family Man


This is the first official segmented clip from World War Z! We’ve seen quite a number of trailers and posters so far, but as we finally hit the home stretch to film’s June 21st release date, it feels time to finally seem some finished footage.  In all honesty, it was starting to feel that this film was never going to get released.

In the various TV spots and trailers, Brad Pitt’s character – a highly-regarded UN official – has already been portrayed as a family man.  We’ve seen some sweet [and sometimes clichéd]scenes to establish the loving relationship he has with his wife and kids.  Though, I gotta say, his kids are kinda lacking in the education department.  Do they really not know what Martial Law is? Am I right!?

As he meets an “above your pay grade”-type Army General in this clip, Pitt knows his priorities.  But I’ll be frank, I know judging a clip like this can be a little unfair, but is Marc Forster doing his best directorial impersonation of Michael Bay?  Military, music, lighting, dialogue from the dark ages of action movies…

This clip scares me a little.

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