Find Out More About Kryptonian Technology From Man of Steel & How It Was Created



WETA Digital, the VFX company in charge of the massive computer-generated sequences in Man of Steel, had to take the Kryptonian technology from the pages of David S. Goyer’s script and bring them to life.  The resulting sequences, typically featuring the “liquid-geo” effect anchoring much of the alien tech, share much of the credit for the film’s unique visual presentation.

The “liquid-geo” took centre stage during the sequence in which the Jor-El hologram explains to his son the history and fate of their home world.  The scene is truly a beautiful blend of imagination and ingenuity.

Thanks to this fascinating featurette, originally published by WIRED, you can find out more about how the VFX created the foundations of this re-imagined Kryptonian technology.

Source: CBM


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