Final Day of Production on ‘The Wolverine’ Comes & Goes, Director Publishes Actor Portraits


This is a nice touch.  Director James Mangold must have been feeling nostalgic and sentimental on the final day of production for The Wolverine. 

I honestly don’t think a director has ever tried this hard to be involved with a character’s fan base.  Mangold was never really the tweeting type, so it seemed honourable that he tried to engage the Twitter-verse as best he could with updates and photos he’d taken from the set.  He really kicked the marketing-as-you-go mentality into high gear.

As the production was wrapping, a photographer (it’s unclear if Mangold took these himself) snapped these black & white photos of the film’s leads: Jackman as Logan, Rila Fukushima who plays Yukio, and Tao Okamoto, who plays Mariko (Logan’s love interest).

Check out the classy photos below.  The Wolverine opens everywhere July 26th.





source: Coming Soon


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