Featurette: The Wizard of Oz Gets Transferred to IMAX 3D



In celebration of its 75th Anniversary and the accompanying Blu-ray that will soon be made available, The Wizard of Oz will be making its way into IMAX theatres for the first time, ever.

A few years ago, I watched a documentary by the National Film Preservation Foundation and their ongoing efforts to save historical footage shot on celluloid by transferring the data to digital disk. The process is arduously time consuming but nevertheless crucial if we want to save original prints from their natural degradation process.  That’s another issue with shooting on actual film – after so many years of sitting in reel cases, collecting dust on shelves in the vaults of archives, the celluloid breaks down and if left unkept, would be ruined forever.

So, you can imagine the work it would have taken technicians and colouring artists to transfer The Wizard Of Oz and fill IMAX screens – and then convert to 3D?

Check out the following featurette for the process.  As IMAX CEO Greg Foster says, “[It] must have been an amazing experience to see [The Wizard of Oz] then, to be truly taken to another world.  That’s what we’d like to do with IMAX 3D.”

Source: First Showing


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