Fanboys’ Initial Reaction To Heath Ledger Being Cast As The Joker


One of the benefits of the internet is that we can blast and complain about anything without any fear of anyone calling us out on it; we are anonymous.  Sometimes we are right to complain. Other times we are dead wrong.  One of the best examples of fanboys being ass-backwards wrong was the outcry after Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker.  This compilation photo sums up some of the backlash.

The only other example I can think of us fanboys being so universally wrong is Daniel Craig as 007. I personally always liked Craig and always thought he would be great but at the time, I was still cheering for Clive Owen.

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  1. There are no similarities aside from the fact that people disagreed with the casting.

    Heath Ledger was, for the most part, an untested actor. The only film that ever attempted to test his range was Brokeback, where he was nominated.

    Ben Affleck is a well tested, big budget actor. He has had his opportunity to show his range and his skills, and has proven himself to be a decent actor.

    Christopher Nolan, with Batman Begins, showed the audience that he had a different view for the genre and a skewed perspective of Batman. Anger over casting out of left field was stymied by a small amount of faith in Nolan as a story teller.

    Zack Snyder… to call his take on superman revolutionary would be preposterous. To put unwavering faith in the director of Watchmen and Sucker Punch would be ridiculous.

    I’m not angry that Ben Affleck is cast as Batman because it doesn’t fit my ‘fan boy’ idea of who or what Batman should be. I’m angry that Ben Affleck is cast as Batman because it stinks of a move to put a big name at the top of a poster.
    Nolan never depended on a big name actor to draw crowds, casting decisions were presumably made based on skill and vision, as Ledger proved.
    You walked out of Argo thinking to yourself, “wow, he wasn’t that bad.”

    • I disagree, if only because they must of knew a huge backlash to Affleck being cast was going to come. That’s why you never heard any rumors of it (outside of Latino-Review) , as soon as it was agreed upon the had a press release ready to go.

      I completely agree Snyder and Goyer are the problem, it won’t be Affleck or any of the cast.

      With Affleck you get a leading man and talented filmmaker. Hopefully he is involved in the writing and development. That’s the upside he has over Brolin or Urban or anyone else, he can make the whole project better, improve the relationship between Superman and Batman.

    • If you think Ledger was “untested” prior to 2008, all that really tells me is that you don’t see very many non-comic book movies.

      • He tried to test himself for sure, Ledger always picked challenging roles but it generally didn’t work out so well. There is a lot of crap on his resume, despite his best intentions. TDK was the perfect combination of his talent, role & director.

    • Chris Nolan never depended on big name actors in his Batman franchise?

      Right… Yeah, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Liam Neeson were just a bunch of no names.

      And Ledger wasn’t untested. He was a lead or co-lead in at least 7 different films before Dark Knight.

      Think before you post.


  2. Most revealing this about this post: how SOME nerds, who likely fancy themselves as persecuted and alienated minority members of a cruel society, can, at the drop of a hat become idiotic homophobes who can’t stand to even think about an actually persecuted minority possibly tampering with their precious fantasies.

  3. RandomMovieFan on

    The DC comics should had trust in Nolan because just like he recommended Heath Ledger as the Joker and again he recommended Wes Bentley as the new Batman that should have considered as the right choice.

    • Trusting Nolan the director is different than trusting Nolan the producer and for all the heat Affleck gets for Mark Steven Johnson’s Daredevil, remember how atrocious Bentley was in director Mark Steven Johnson’s Ghost Rider. Bentley got the look, but can he carry a movie?

      They get Affleck the director too, that’s the wildcard…

      • RandomMovieFan on

        Well I myself not sure how Wes Bentley would be like if he played the Batman but I am sure that he could have succeeded in portraying Bale like Batman’s physique and appearance and probably If he would match the voice like Bale’s It would be like no apparent change in the batman at all.

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