Fan-Made Trailer for Man of Steel 2 Rocks The Bat-Boat


Sometimes it helps to have visuals.  Everything is just conjecture until you have a tangible product that you can lay your eyes on.  In the case of Man of Steel 2, there’s been so much hype and speculation about Ben Affleck’s casting as Bruce Wayne/Batman that, right now, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.

No matter what side your opinion takes – whether you’re for or against the casting choice – I present this incredible fan-made trailer for the soon-to-be sequel.  Edited as a teaser, you get a sense of how Affleck will be as Bruce Wayne and Bryan Cranston will/might/hopefully be as Lex Luthor (a casting rumour that remains unconfirmed).  It really helps to have all the elements laid out in front of you: the soundtrack, the likely dialogue (lifted from other movies), and those cold stares into the unknown.

Does this get you excited? Does this make you hate the cast choice even more? Let us know in the comments.  Check it out below…

Source: Solyentbrak1 & Schmoes Know


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