Expertly Executed Edits of the Title Sequences for ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘The Walking Dead’ As Cable Shows from 1995


Yet again, two of AMC’s best shows - The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad – are getting the fan makeover treatment.  YouTuber goestoeleven has edited some footage from both series and created new title sequences.  The result is almost too good.  What if each show had, in some alternate universe, been aired on cable during the mid-90s?

Not only are the chosen shots edited perfectly, but I especially love the touch of “VHS” these videos have with fuzzy resolution and tape distortions.

It just goes to show you that now matter how cool and cutting edge a series can be, the DNA of the 90s can never be shaken.

The Walking Dead

Breaking Bad

(This one is so well done it almost makes you want to see this version of the show, in full.)

Source: Laughing Squid