Everything Wrong With Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in 8 Minutes or Less



On the heels of the announcement Fast & Furious beauty Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Women in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, I watched the latest edition of ‘Everything Wrong With’ from Cinema Sins.  I really didn’t like Man of Steel, the actors didn’t do themselves any type of disservice but the dialogue, story and everything in general was disappointing bordering on offensive.

Fanboys seem to be excited for DC’s expanding their theatrical universe and I’m with them.  I’ve always wanted to see these characters transition to this medium and now that Marvel has proven there is demand and huge potential profits Warner is moving forward.  However, Marvel makes good movies and has a solid foundation to grow from and DC has done nothing to suggest it posses the competency to produce quality comic-adaptations.

David Goyer seems to have been handed the mantle of creative czar for the DC big screen series, I’m assuming because of his work with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise.  Obviously, I’ll extend Goyer credit for his work their but other then his collaboration with Nolan his filmography it filled with Jumper, The Unborn and the Blade franchise.  Great idea guy, but story and dialogue aren’t his skill set and re-teaming him with Zack Snyder is just going to lead to more mediocrity.

Brand loyalty is going to get me to buy a ticket to any DC film adaptation but they are wasting such an opportunity.


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