Every Time You Talk or Text In The Theatre Spider-Man Kills James Franco’s Father



In this continuing series of promos for The Alamo Drafthouse (a cinephile’s favourite haunt if you’re in Austin, Texas), James Franco joins the list of celebrities encouraging audiences to turn off their cell phones; to just shut-up and watch the movie.

Frankly, these ads should run in every theatre.  Though The Drafthouse is known for its unique services – such unconventional theatre grub like fried pickles & beer – these ads should be shared, not kept exclusive!

The theatre experience is paramount, so I agree with what Franco’s saying.  On the lighter side of things, this video is just plain funny because of Franco’s awkwardness.  You can almost guarantee that he hated repeating those lines from Spider-Man.  But it proves to be hilarious, despite his disdain.


source: indieWire


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