Ernie Reyes Jr. From The Original ‘TMNT’ Franchise Releases A Concept Trailer For The Michael Bay Reboot


Michael Bay and his production company Platinum Dunes have been working on a TMNT reboot, and Ernie Reyes Jr. is actively trying to become the martial arts consultant for the film.  Reyes Jr. previously worked as Donatello’s fight/stunt double in the first film and then starred as Keno in the sequel.  Since then he has worked steadily as an actor and stunt double.

To help sell his case, he’s posted this sizzle reel on Vimeo showcasing the “the angle and velocity that Ernie wants to bring to the Ninja Turtles comeback film.” If this is what Reyes Jr. has in mind for the film, it’s at least worth taking a meeting.  The upcoming Jonathan Liebesman-directed reboot, titled Ninja Turtles, is scheduled to arrive in theaters sometime in 2014.




  1. They could stick with the horrible script (which there not) and have a horrible story…….if i get to see real ninja turtles fight like this………..ill be amazed and it will be an incredible film. non the less

  2. It would be amazing, they dont need anything to tricky. All the rumoured alien stuff seems unnecessary. I just don’t want them to turn it into a toy commercial or cast Jessica Biel as April. As long as they don’t do that they have my money.

  3. Did not see Megan Fox as April O’Neil coming…if she is actually playing April O’Neil. Very supportive of Megan Fox as a red head

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