Ender’s Game: A VFX Featurette That Will Make Your Jaw Drop



“Mixed anticipation” is probably the best way to describe the build-up to the theatrical release of Ender’s Game, one of the this century’s most beloved science fiction stories.  There are those who’ve decided to boycott the film – for their own reasons – and there are those who cannot wait to see what director Gavin Hood has cooked up.

From where I’m sitting, the trouble with adapting this kind of “sacred text” is the immediate expectation set by fans of the source material.  While that’s an instinctive reaction, matching that standard is damn near impossible.  If you watch this VFX featurette about the ambitious sequences involved, I think you’ll get a sense that Hood is aware of the standard to which he’s being held.

If and when you choose to watch the movie, remember this: over 3,000 man hours over 3 years have been invested in bringing you this spectacle!

Source: First Showing


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