Emma Watson Gets Wild & Theify In These Images from Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’



I think my favourite part of the latest trailer for Seth Rogen’s This Is The End is when Emma Watson breaks into the house in which Rogen & friends are camped out, swinging an axe and demanding they give her food & drink.  As Danny McBride states to his diary cam: “Hermione just stole all our s#!@”.

Emma Watson will have to work hard to break free of that Hermione image that she’s maintained for nearly all her life.  To her credit, that image has gone unblemished and gossip-free.  Watson served that character incredibly well, both to fans of the series and to those who might consider Hermione a role model of sorts.

But like most child actors, her path to breaking free of that public perception may be tricky.  She is a talented actress and no doubt will want to pursue other projects.  Well, in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring, she’ll get that chance to surprise audiences.

Coppola’s latest film is a little bit more mainstream than her last directorial effort, Somewhere, starring Stephen Dorff. The story is based on true events, and focuses on a group of adolescents who steal from celebrity homes so that they can just, you know, do what every teenage wants to do: live their life in the fast lane.

Here’s a large batch of new images from the movie that primarily feature Watson in various scenes.  If she continues to work with smart directors and choose interesting roles, I don’t think Watson will have any issues breaking free of Hermione’s confines.

The Bling Ring will receive a limited release on June 14th.  It also stars Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Erin Daniels, Israel Broussard, Gavin Rossdale, and Halston Sage.











source: indieWire


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