Elysium Featurette: The Special Ops Droids



One of the greatest questions that arose after viewing District 9 for the first time was, “How did production manage to create such realistic looking CG aliens on such a small budget?”  The answer is like that old joke: How do porcupines mate? …Carefully, and with a lot of love.

Elysium’s budget is a whopping $120 million compared to District 9‘s $30 million.  Partially, this exemplifies Sony Pictures’ faith in director Neill Blomkamp, who’s original science fiction story hits standard and IMAX theatres on August 9th.

In this featurette, we learn a little about the role droids will play in the film.  Like classic robots with artificial intelligence, each serves a different purpose: medical, Homeland security, even as stewards for the rich aboard the space station Elysium.  For star Matt Damon, the most badass are the Special Ops droids, tasked with the sole purpose of maintaining cold-calculating, high-efficiency military force.

For those of us who keep District 9 close to our hearts and minds, the realism, planning and effort to create these droids remind us of those delightfully unique computer generated Prawns.

Source: Geek Tyrant


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