Dave Chappelle & James Lipton Reverse Roles on Inside The Actors Studio



For the Emmy award winning series Inside The Actors Studio, some of James Lipton’s guests end up being more memorable than others.  It’s just one of those facts of life.  And like any human interaction worth watching, chemistry built on mutual respect is the best kind of alchemy in which emotions, jokes, and stories can be shared to the delight of all those watching.

Such is the case with James Lipton and Dave Chappelle.  The episode of the Actor’s Studio in which Chappelle appeared as guest became immediately famous for the comedian’s revelations about why he’d left $50 million on the table at Comedy Central.  It was a chance for all of us, still in awe at the cancellation of The Chappelle Show, to understand his perspective.  Since then, the two have developed an unlikely friendship, even attending Jay-Z concerts together.

Thanks to this unexpected alchemy, the two are a real treat to watch on the stage again.  For the show’s 200th episode, Lipton steps into the the chair normally filled by his famous guests, to discuss his life, career and achievements.


Source: Uproxx


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