Creating the Adolescent Dragons for Game of Thrones Season Three



A few days ago, we posted a really interesting video that broke down many of the VFX tricks and tools used to create many of the action-packed scenes from Star Trek Into Darkness.  The man being interviewed in that video, mentioned that his company, Pixomondo, was always hard at work with various projects being produced at once.  One such project has been HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The German company has been primarily responsible for creating Daenerys’ three dragons.  As you might imagine, the amount of work that is invested in creating these little beasts seems insurmountable, but they manage to always pull it off.

On top of all that, they’ve had to change their designs over the course of three seasons.  We’ve seen the dragons grow from babies to adolescents; the bigger they get, the more powerful they get.

Check out WIRED’s featurette about the process…

Source: i09


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