Commander Riker Doesn’t Know How To Sit In A Chair



I was ecstatic when Star Trek: The Next Generation was uploaded to Netflix.  I ploughed through every single episode in a week or two.  The stories impeccable; the quality always consistent – the series may seem dated to some, but it will always reign as one of the greatest science fiction shows of all time.

So, having seen every episode recently, I was shocked to come across this supercut online.  I can’t believe I never noticed that Number 1 never sits in a chair the way a normal person does.  Save for his seat on the bridge, actor Jonathan Frakes decided to sling his leg over a chair like mounting a horse.  Was this a character decision? Or is Frakes just so damned tall that all normal-size chairs are like stools to him?

My favourite moment is sequence between the first 10-20 seconds.  It’s like someone just reversed the footage of him arriving in Picard’s ready room.

Source: Slate


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