Christopher Guest’s New HBO Series ‘Family Tree’ Finally Gets a Trailer



Christopher Guest’s influence on the mockumentary filmmaking style is second to none.  From A Mighty Wind to This Is Spinal Tap, Guest has remained one of the “cool” guys in Hollywood; one of the few comedy geniuses whose bumps in the road have remained few and far between.  Besides, no one messes with the six-fingered man!

Since the critical disappointment that was For Your Consideration, his last directorial effort, Guest has been laying low.  In fact, he’s been working away at producing this new series for HBO, Family Tree. Today, the first teaser trailer for the show was released.

The show stars Chris O’Dowd from The IT Crowd Bridesmaids as a man who sets out to discover his relatives who are scattered around the world.  Much of the rest of the cast are old pals from Guest’s career in comedy.  They include Bob Odenkirk, Michael McKean, Fred Willard and Bob Balaban.

Check out the trailer, followed by the show’s synopsis below:

Unofficial Synopsis

Dowd’s character, Tom, is a 30-year-old man who has recently lost his job and girlfriend, and goes on a quest for his family identity when he inherits a mysterious box of memorabilia from a great aunt he never met. That story, Guest said, is based on his own experience going through the inherited belongings of his father, who died 16 years ago.

sources: JoBlo & Deadline (synopsis)


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