Check Out This Awesome Riddick Motion Comic Called “Blindsided”



What’s the best way to get to a man’s heart? 

…Between the fourth and fifth ribs.

- Riddick

In an attempt to connect the events of The Chronicles of Riddick and the third film in the franchise, which hits theatres September 6th, a brand new (and extremely cool) motion comic has been released.

The comic tries to bridge a few gaps.  First, the stories.  Since 2004, video games and an animated movie have attempted to help fill any holes left devoid of answers – but, it just wasn’t enough.  For all its faults, Chronicles was jam-packed with imagination; far too much for one 120 minute film to handle.  However, creating so many new elements allowed for story arc tangents, opening up plenty of opportunities to tell more tales involving our favourite science fiction outlaw.  Second, this new motion comic tailors this imagination a little and partially explains why – from Riddick’s perspective – the third film returns to the much smaller, more economical scale from which the original prospered.

If you’ve ever wondered why the meat-head looking Vin Diesel is so keen on keeping the Riddick dream alive with co-creator and director David Twohy, it may surprise you to learn that Diesel is long-time Dungeons & Dragons devotee.  He’s been quoted several times for crediting the game with training his imagination to break down them old familiar barriers that stifle creativity.

Check out the motion comic below.

Source: Riddick Movie


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