Check Out This 12-Minute Documentary Looking At How Trailers Get Their Sound


The short focuses on composer Yoav Goren and the company he co-founded with Jeffrey Fayman, Immediate Music.  The company is responsible for the sound in many trailers for Hollywood blockbusters.

Goren first describes his 20 years in the business and talks about his early days of creating music in the ’90s with synth and sampling tools that are primitive compared to the resources he has today. He then goes on to use examples of current trailers to describe his techniques.

The short is very interesting and sheds some light on an industry that most of us have never thought about.

The SoundWorks Collection talks with Composer Yoav Goren in his Santa Monica studio to explore the exciting and creative process of epic trailer music composing and producing.

From his first trailer score for Universal Pictures “Carlito’s Way” in 1993 to recent high profile campaigns for films such as “After Earth”, “Oblivion”, “Iron Man 3”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Argo”, “The Hobbit”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Amazing Spider Man”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2”, Goren and Immediate Music continue to provide cutting edge music to all major motion picture studios through both custom scoring and the acclaimed Immediate Music production library. With over 5,000 trailer-related synch licenses to date, the composing team of Goren and Fayman are arguably the world’s most-often utilized composers in the $3.3 billion motion picture advertising industry.

Source: FirstShowing via /Film


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