Check Out The Concept Art Developed for The Fake Movie In ‘Argo’



My hat is off to Ben Affleck, his co-producers, crew and cast on last night’s Best Picture win.  He had a really classy acceptance speech that had even me choked up at the end.  And the last time I cried was during Toy Story 3. The film deserves a lot of respect and acclaim, despite the flack it’s received recently for any historical inaccuracies.

One of the lighter sides of its serious subject matter, was the development of the fake film that acted as both plot device and life raft.  I’m sure Affleck had fun overseeing the pre-production of a film within a film.  If you haven’t seen Argo yet, the entire concept of a fake movie is developed as a means to provide identities to the wanted Americans, trapped at the Canadian ambassador’s house in the midst of conflict in Iran.  The fake movie was a science fiction epic, and to fool the Iranian authorities, all of the pre-production for the film had to look legitimate.

During the actual events, the CIA hired legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby to develop the concept art.  His style is, of course, incredible and no doubt added to the credibility of this fake movie that Ben Affleck’s character Tony Mendez was supposedly producing.

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