Celebrity Scientists & Geeks Ponder That Ancient Question: How Does Superman Actually Shave?



In anticipation of Man of Steel, it was inevitable that this debate become relevant once again.  How does Superman actually shave?  It’s a geek quandary that has long gone unanswered.  How can you solve a mystery such as this when the fundamental truth behind it remains undeclared?

That hasn’t stopped a plethora of celebrity scientists and nerds to submit their theories into the mix.  Being that we’ve seen Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill in Man of Steel) with some serious scruff in nearly every trailer, as he traverses the Earth attempting to gain solace to his inner conflicts, a few great minds ponder this question.

All this has been sponsored by Gillettein a what’s actually a clever promotional campaign.  Check out the following videos featuring the likes of Bill Nye, Kevin Smith, Mayim Bialik, The Mythbusters and discover their thoughts on the matter.

Source: Collider


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