Breaking Bad: First Teaser and Poster for The Final Episodes



AMC is running with the tag line, “All Bad things must come to an end”.  For a show that has flexed so much creative muscle over the last five seasons, we are sad that Breaking Bad is drawing to a close.  However, given Vince Gilligan’s finite vision for Walter White and company, these character arcs can’t last forever.  In fact, it’d be a travesty if the creators and producers kept the story going.  Ironically, in an attempt to rake in more money, such an act would cheapen the show’s effect.   Bittersweetness at it’s finest.

Entertainment Weekly has debut the channel’s first promos for the final episodes of the show, which premiere on August 11th.  Though we don’t see any actual footage here (sorry to burst your bubble), the following teaser and poster indicates that it won’t be long until we do.

So, hold tight folks, the final episodes are coming soon.  We’ll post any new promos or trailers once they hit the web.

Source: Collider


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