Brand New Images From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’; Plus An Alternate International Trailer



We’ve been inundated with so much Star Trek Into Darkness stuff over the last two days, my head is entering warp speed.  I think I’ve watched the international trailer a dozen times.

Look, I’m going out on an extremely long limb of speculation here, but it’s looking more and more like Into Darkness will be one of the best sequels of a franchise ever.  I’ve thought a lot about this.  I’m nearly convinced that this sequel will be incredible enough to stand alone when and if this new vision of the Trek universe is over.

I know what I’m about to say is geek blasphemy.  Also, I may turn out to be completely wrong by the time a third Trek film is released.  But, I believe Into Darkness could be the Empire Strikes Back of this continued franchise.

There.  Comment, if you disagree or agree!

Whether my guess is completely misguided or not, we’ve got some more pretty pictures from the film (courtesy Empire Magazine), as well as a brand new “alternate” version of the international trailer, straight from Bad Robot. I’ve included a comparison video below as well, so you can identify the changes.



Alternate Int’l Trailer

Comparison Video

sources: First Showing (alternate) |  Empire (images) | Comparison Video


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