Bradley Cooper & Christian Bale Transform Themselves for American Hustle



Actors love going all out for David O. Russell.  And why wouldn’t you, when you’re working with one of Hollywood’s most interesting and talented filmmakers.  USA Today has unveiled two new images, the first official looks into Russell’s latest project, American Hustle.  These images were previously shown to some lucky Comic-Con attendees.

Bradley Cooper’s look explains the set photos we saw months ago leaving the make-up trailer sporting some curlers.  Bale seems to have put on some pounds and has adopted a comb-over that would rival some of the best of the doo (I’m looking at you, members of Congress).  Amy Adams, on the other hand, is looking incredibly gorgeous.  That 70′s look doesn’t hurt at all.

The film, formerly known as American Bullshit, is a “is a fictionalized take on the famous Abscam sting case that took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In it, Bale stars as Bronx con-man Irving Rosenfeld whose crimes draw the eye of FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper). Together with accomplice Sydney (Adams), Irving is forced to go undercover into the corrupt world of New Jersey Mafia and politicians. Also reteaming with Russell for this film is Jennifer Lawrence, who will play Irving’s unpredictable Long Island house wife, who stands to destroy the entire operation. ”

The film also features the acting talents of Jeremy Renner, Robert De Niro, Louis C.K., Michael Peña, Jack Huston, Elisabeth Röhm and Erica McDermott.

No official release dates have been set.


Source: CinemaBlend


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