‘Arrested Development’ Goes Viral: The Tobias Funke Acting Sizzle Reel



In exactly ten days, season four of Arrested Development will debut on Netflix: all 15 new episodes, all at once.  Within my own circle of friends, I know of at least three AD parties that are happening on May 26th.  People are curious.  Fans are excited; especially for some more of Tobias Fünke.

Ron Howard, one of the show’s continuing producers and reliable narrator, revealed this video on his Twitter yesterday.  It’s got all the nonsensical parts to give season four a viral push, but it also has everything you’ve come to expect for your favourite doctor-turned-former Blue Man Group stand-by.

So, how did this video come to be? Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and his collaborators have seen it fit to give Tobias his own viral website, InsertMeAnywhere.Biz.  Let’s just say, it’s filled with Tobias greatness and his special way with words: “There’s nothing like having a ManGo in your mouth.”  The real genius behind this site, is a new level of fan interaction.  Eager internet know-hows can actually download green screen images & sequences featuring Tobias to use in home editing programs like Final Cut Pro.  The first sizzle reel below is a product of this site.

For us performance geeks, seeing David Cross have such a ridiculously strong embodiment of the Tobias Fünke character just goes to show you how much the cast of Arrested Development love the parts they play, in one of the funniest shows of all time.

Tobias Funke’s Sizzling Reel

Source: ScreenCrush


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