Archer Season 5 Teaser: Learn about Conflict Resolution at ISIS


As we’re inching towards season five of Archer – which premieres in January on FX  - the internet is being handed a number of glorious teasers to keep us laughing in the meantime.   We haven’t had much since NY Comic-Con (with that amazing Top Gun mash-up), so we’re happy to watch anything that comes our way.  Especially featuring Pam Poovey and Doctor Krieger.

This teaser takes the form of an archived ISIS Human Resources Training video, featuring Poovey arguing with a sassy puppet version of herself.

Thanks to our internet source, we know that actor Gary Cole (Office Space, Pineapple Express) will be featured in a recurring role as an FBI agent.  Christian Slater is being courted for a role, and Ron Perlman will return as Ramon Limon.   We’ll have to wait until January to find out how they’ll all play a role in the downfall of ISIS.

Source: ScreenCrush 


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