A Three-Minute Clip for World War Z Shows How The Zombie Apocalypse Kicks Off



The long-awaited World War Z, Brad Pitt and Marc Forster’s submission for the zombie genre, opens this weekend.  Are we excited? Based on the footage we’ve seen and the early reviews coming in, the answer is yes.  I’m honestly surprised to find myself saying that, because if I were a betting man, I would have pegged this as colossal failure, a victim of mismanagement and poor planning.  But hey, when it comes to movies about global zombie epidemics that have the opportunity to redefine the genre, I’m fine with being wrong.

This new, extended look at the film provides us with an unchanged, three-minute sequence from it.  In Philadelphia, as Brad Pitt’s family heads out on a trip, they find themselves caught in the middle of what might be called, “The Worst Traffic Jam Of All Time”.  I would not want to find myself pinned in the downtown of a panic-ridden city as infected people throw themselves at cars just to get at the flesh inside.  No thanks.

Knowing that this clip has been extracted from the film’s first act, I’m really pleased that you don’t quite get a good look at the zombies.  No doubt, that will come later.  But, being that the film has been told from Gerry Lane’s (Brad Pitt) point of view, we learn what horrors are plaguing these city streets as he learns, as if we were right there with him.

Check out the extended clip below…

Source: Blastr


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