(Almost) Every Armour Type That Will Be Seen in ‘Iron Man 3′


The latest trailer for Iron Man 3 was a real doozy.  We witnessed Tony Stark calling in “his boys” for backup near the end of the preview, which was followed by an extremely badass fly-in of all the various armours that will be seen in the film.  As we’ve discussed (minor spoiler alert!)…these will be flown remotely and will each have a different purpose or specialty.

Check out all the various ‘Marks’ below, plus a little description of each. Click on the image for the larger version.


My personal favourite, “Igor” is also known as (esp. in the comics) as The Hulkbuster.  It’s unclear about what capacity this will serve in the film besides heavy lifting, but in the trailer, you can see the suit obliterating a wall just to get to the other side.  If that is its sole purpose, I’m still happy.  This suit is affirmatively badass.


“Gemini” is suspected to be the outer space armour.  The construction of this suit matches the storyline in the Marvel feature film universe, following the events of The Avengers.  He’ll need it if Thanus Thanos is comin’.


I love the name of this amour.  Also accepted, Iron Grimace.  Translation? Lots of artillery.  Lots of it.


The “Red Snapper” has really long arms designed for rescue missions.  It’s the UN of Iron Man suits.


“Shotgun” looks like it should the outer space amour, being that there’s no mouthpiece.  If you’d thought that, you wouldn’t be far off.  This suit will be designed for ridiculously fast speeds, which is why the helmet resembles that of a face mask worn by a fighter pilot.


The noble armor, “Silver Centurion” is Stark’s classic armour, revisited.  We’re not sure what “Enhanced Energy Suit” really means, but it probably insinuates general upgrades to his go-to armour.


source: BadassDigest