A YouTube James Bond Tribute That Rivals The One From The Oscars

I’m categorizing this tribute to 50 Years of James Bond as Fan Art.  Why? It’s better than last night’s edited homage at the 85th Academy Awards.  I’m speaking only about the video edit the producers put up on the jumbotron.  Shirley Bassey’s performance of Goldfinger was pretty impressive after all these years (at age 76!) and was a real trip down memory lane.  But, I was let down by the video tribute.  I’m not sure if it was too short or just not enough of a spectacle.  It just didn’t seem fitting for cinema’s longest running franchise that turned a half-century old this past year.

So, we give you this YouTube supercut-of-sorts, chronicling the best scenes from every single Bond film, soundtracked to the Oscar winning theme from Skyfall.  Credit goes to YouTube user Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr. 

And here’s Adele’s performance from last night…


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