A VFX Reel for The Wolf of Wall Street That Will Surprise You


It’s becoming far more commonplace to employ CGI in movies that we wouldn’t expect.  I think, personally, I came to understand this better after we saw the VFX reel for The Great Gatsby.  So many of the environments were created from scratch.

As audiences, can always identify the CG models and environments if you know they’re meant to be imaginary – i.e. aliens, spaceships, the future-in-general, etc.  But, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to identify CG models of things we know already exist, such as houses, parks, monuments, etc.

It’s not that CG of this type is new, it’s just becoming used more readily by all filmmakers.  Thanks to this technology, Martin Scorsese was able to free up his camera, to achieve shots that would otherwise be really difficult.  And given the fact that the original cut of this film was about as long as the LOTR Trilogy, I’m sure the CG saved on a lot of logistical coinage.

Check out this VFX featurette.  It’ll surprise you.  Amazing work by Brainstorm Digital.

Source: Slate

The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights from Brainstorm Digital on Vimeo.


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