A VFX Featurette For Elysium Covers Conception, Design & Implementation


For all of the let downs (ie. storytelling, lack of character development, etc) I felt when I watched Elysium, I couldn’t help but be wowed by its impressive feats of special effects.  Hands down, Neill Blomkamp is capable of executing some fantastic visuals. Science fiction is unquestionably his definitive canvas.  So, you’ve got to hand it to the man and the entire visual effects team, channeling the concepts of production designer Philip Ivey, for pulling making the tools of the film’s action a reality.

Check out this featurette for how many of these sequences were brought to life.  Also, you can purchase Elysium: The Art of the Film from Titan Publishing here.

WIRED has an exclusive look at the visual effects of Director Neill Blomkamp’s dark futuristic thriller, Elysium. Find out how the artists at “Image Engine” brought the patrolling packs of armed Earth-bound robots to life and turned the real world nirvana of Malibu into the orbiting playground of the space-bound elite.

source: First Showing


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