A VFX Breakdown for Star Trek Into Darkness



I think the big thing to take away from these two VFX featurettes is that Pixomondo’s 3dsMax work is incredible.  The company has been involved in nearly all the major blockbusters of 2013 in one way, shape or form.

Check out the VFX breakdown for their work on Star Trek Into Darkness.  Each action set piece was painstakingly stitched together using various visual elements: landscapes, atmospheric effects, damage simulations, etc.  So much to render, so many deadlines.

The second video is an interview with Pixomondo’s Adam Watkins.  A lot of what he discusses involves some serious technical jargon, but it’s fascinating to learn how much you can do with one program.  Watkins showcases and walks us through how they worked closely with Industrial Light & Magic to produce the film’s more climactic moments.

Source: CBM


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