A Ten Minute Retrospective About The Dark Knight Trilogy



Given the recent release of the The Dark Knight Ultimate Collector’s Edition, many of its special features have been popping up online.  Previously, we posted a test video of Christian Bale (wearing Val Kilmer’s Bat suit) testing against Amy Adams.  Today, we’ve got a ten minute retrospective that, with some smart editing, abbreviates the franchise’s three films directed by Christopher Nolan.

Watching this compilations makes me pretty nostalgic, despite how recently this The Dark Knight Trilogy ended.  As a fan of Batman and comic book films in general, this presents the perfect example of why these films were so entertaining: perfectly established characters connected by so much story.

On another nostalgic note, I remember very distinctly seeing the above photo for the first time.  It was the first official image of Bale’s Batman.  Oh, those were good days.

Source: CinemaBlend


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