A Musical Mash-Up Explaining Why All Disney’s Films Have Ended In Lies



For over half of the last century, Disney has made good business out of “happy ever after”.  Endings that justify the means of a sappy story, that make you feel warm & fuzzy when your favourite animated characters have suffered great tragedy: it is the Disney way.  And while they make great stories, these fables that we’ve come to know and love as classic animated films, the question remains…

…are the happy endings all lies?

Yes, this is a somber post, I guess.  But the perspective from which this YouTuber cleverly parodies years of Disney revenue flow hits the mark like an arrow through the apple on your head.

Using the memorable melodies from the musical numbers from films such as The Little Mermaid,  Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas, YouTube user Paint points out the facts.  The BP oil spill, the War on Terror, bestiality laws and others are all a little too fresh on the brain to ignore.

As charming as those Disney films are, humans still suck.

source: The Wrap


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