A Mash-Up of The Recent ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer with ‘Superman: The Animated Series’


Coincidentally, before posting this mash-up, I was listening to Hans Zimmer’s “An Ideal of Hope”, the new theme featured in the latest trailer for Man of Steel.  Since the original Superman theme of Richard Donner’s films was so iconic, I thought I’d have a hard time “moving on”, as it were.  But that’s not the case.  Zimmer’s new theme feels so different that I completely forget the original music’s melody.  That’s an accomplishment.  Let’s hope the film creates the same effect on its audiences.

You can hear Zimmer’s incredible work in this mash-up of the audio from that new trailer with clips from Superman: The Animated Series, a show worth remembering!  Zack Snyder’s shots mimic some classic scenes of Superman’s origins depicted on TV twenty years ago.

source: Topless Robot



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